During some interesting discussion, one very respectful gentlemen said “there are plenty of studies demonstrating the effectiveness of TDD”. But is it so?

Test-driven development (TDD) has been a hot topic for a long time. There’re proponents and opponents of TDD. There seems to be no middle ground for those…

One of the things an inexperienced test automation engineer struggle with when it comes to UI Test Automation is “what kind of Selenium locator I should use for a specific element”.

Element locators that generated by tools usually are sub-optimal and a friend of mine Dmitry Rak has suggested a great locator selection strategy:

  • locate by id (if it is not generated automatically)
  • locate by name (which should be unique for a specific form)
  • locate by css (for all other cases except text)
  • xPath as a last choice (for all other complex cases and text search)

My personal preference is to insist on having a unique, non-generated id for each element we’re interested in at least in a test environment.

If you speak Russian — feel free to check the original post: https://lnkd.in/d55W2pX

There’s no lack of Test Automation courses and mentoring programs nowdays. Yet, most of the courses I am aware of (either free or paid) start at the wrong place — they start either on UI or API level but fail to give a proper foundation a well-grounded Test Automation Engineer must have.

“If you start with framework — you do it wrong”

Let us draw a line here and now, Test Automation Engineers are not Testers — their primary objective is almost never to test. Instead, they are special kind of developers — developers specialized in Test Automation Solutions development. …

Some time ago I wrote this post describing my understanding at that time of the architecture patterns used to create Test Automation Framework and Solutions. While there’s some information I still agree with, my understanding has evolved and I want to share this evolved understanding with others.

First, lets probably…

Disclaimer: While there’s a difference between QA and Testing, for the sake of simplicity, in this post terms QA and Testing are used mostly interchangeably.

Different organizations may mean different things when they speak of QA/Testing Strategy. Usually, it is a high-level document that would introduce information about how (and…

Alexander Pushkarev

Software engineer. Development-focused tester and test-focused developer. Interested in holistic view on testing, development and project management.

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